When Will You Know If It’s Time to Move Forward?

Some of us are currently forced to stay employed under our old employer since it’s hard to find a job at this point in time. This is why we are hesitant about moving forward in our careers since it boils down to asking ourselves if we leave, then how can we earn but if we stay how can we keep up with our own self-battles.

But, think about these questions and reflect about it for a second. How do you feel about your current job? Are you still happy and fulfilled? If no, then when will you know if it’s already the right time to move forward? Here are some insightful red flags you need to look into to help you decide and contemplate on your decision.

1. Toxic Environment

The most common outburst of each employee is how toxic their work environment is. When we ask old employees, why they resign, it’s because they could no longer cope up with the work environment. How to evaluate a toxic environment?

  • Employees are voiceless because leaders aren’t open to suggestions or opinions. Even though we know that there is a barrier between the leaders and the employees, there should also a silver lining in which the leaders hear out their employees. Leaders should always be available to hear out the voice of their employees since they know better their needs and struggles. The lens of a leader will always be different in the lens of an employee so in order to find equilibrium, they should always meet halfway.
  • Voiceless employees, leads to negative gossips. Since these people cannot fully voice out their concerns, they start gossiping about the negative things about work. The employees themselves are starting to become toxic in a way that they only think of the negative things instead of looking into the positive ones because they are already caught up with so much hate and negativity.
  • And negativity will always result in inefficiency. As the gossips become a routine, employees tend to grasp the negativity making them unproductive and slowly becoming tired and unmotivated to go to work. The negativity will provide the aura and the vibe of discouragement.
  • Leaders who don’t live up to their promises or follow their mission/vision. Even a single person will get weary hearing false promises that aren’t kept. If your boss keeps telling you that your job item will be arrive in the next few months but keep delaying it, then I doubt you’ll get tired of waiting. This also applies to the assurances they feed onto our minds but end up taking it away because their actions don’t seem to match with what they say.
  • Sometimes, these result to Employee Blaming. The lapses of the leaders or bosses are blamed all to the employee because of some leaders who are self-centered and who doesn’t want to be blamed tends to sue their employees because of their lapses. If there will be an issue with the client, the leaders tend to blame the person who is in charge which is if it’s a team, a fault of one should be the fault of the whole team since a team should collaborate in the first place.

2. No More Time for Leisure

As a person regardless of our needs and our day to day necessities; we still get tired and get sick. Thus, there is no point of making your work your world, I mean for some people they need to work double time to earn more to live up for their necessities but even though that’s the case, if they need to rest, they will rest.

I had been through that situation from before, I became grumpier than my usual self, I could no longer get along with my friends since all I think is work and it’s hard to me to mingle anymore and my mind had always revolved around work issues, pending tasks or etc. that I forgot I still got a life to live aside from my work.

The more I work, the lesser my outputs, I realize this after I tried to pause from time to time if I think I am really tired I rest for weeks then go back and become more productive than working every day. Thus, we need to rest; our bodies and our minds also need a breather to rest so it can progress and process more.

3. Unappreciated

Do you overwork yourself not because you wanted to be noticed but because every time you commit mistakes, it seems like your mistakes and flaws are highlighted more than your achievements?

Sometimes, appreciation plays a big role to uplift our spirits and motivates us to work and to do better. The more we are being discouraged, the more we doubt our capabilities to the extent it hinders us to grow. This is why some other employees flourish more on an encouraging environment.

I have one co-worker who was always discouraged from before but after she left the company, she was more motivated and provided better service. Her new employer was able to hone the talent that was there within her that she wasn’t able to maximize during those dark days.

4. No Room for Advancement

My old CTO from my previous employer once said that, “Employees will always look for something that would challenge them to grow; when growth stops, boredom strikes, motivation relapses, then employees resign. This is why we (as employers) let you experience different specs or platforms so you’d be able to know which platform you are more suitable with based on your skillset.” This statement from him was stamped in my heart that it was for us to experience the diversity of this industry, it’s not just to hassle us to learn a lot but it’s more of providing us knowledge we can use to be reflexive and agile to the future environment we will be in.

When learning stops, when you no longer grow then it’s probably time to move forward and find a better place for you to grow more.

5. Mentally Stressed about Work

If you feel like not wanting to get up in the morning because you feel totally unmotivated and exhausted from work then this is an obvious indication that you should quit your job. There is a difference between just being tired because of too much work and being beaten up by your work, by means of beaten up or burned out and your whole entire self is tired.

If many of the points above apply to your situation and you feel like giving up your current job, then don’t hesitate to do so. If every day feels like a battlefield and you need to risk your life, then you should quit. Very likely there are better opportunities waiting for you and many companies that would value you and your welfare as a person, enough for you to grow and to flourish as a professional and as an individual. Especially in a world where most of our work can be done remotely and your employer doesn’t even need to be in the same region as you’re living in.

Never settle for anything less and don’t stop yearning for more. Keep challenging yourself until you could find that perfect job that would allow you to maximize your capabilities.

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WRITTEN BY Theressa Marie Tan | LinkedIn

PHOTO BY Arif Riyanto