The Three Best UI/UX Bootcamps in 2021

As an aspiring UI/UX Designer, it is essential to gain knowledge not just on layout but also about the fundamentals and the basic principles on how to create a good design. A way we can learn is through bootcamps, seminars or online courses.

Bootcamps are paid online learning courses from which you can enroll yourself in. These courses or subjects will provide trainings, exercises and application with real clients that will help you improve your skillset. Not only that it is also a good way to build your own portfolio which you can use for future employment purposes.

To start make sure to consider the following according to your preferences:

  1. Learning Style. People have different styles of learning. Some people can learn more in the classroom or face to face set up and others are more comfortable learning through online courses. Choose at your own comfort and risk because at the end of the day regardless of what application or method you’ll be learning from, as long as you have the drive and the motivation to learn, nothing will stop you from learning.
  1. Choose your Aim or Goal. In picking the right bootcamp, you should first evaluate yourself what you really want. Do you want to focus on purely UI, UX, or both UI/UX Design? You should think about this before enrolling yourself since it’s not just a waste of money but also time. Being somewhere you really don’t want might hinder you from growing and developing your potentials.
  1. Professors and Instructors. In looking for bootcamps, make sure to know the background (a bit if you want) of the one conducting the bootcamp. Know who will be the speaker and the moderator, in that way you’ll know the expertise and the focus of those people. In that way you’ll know where you are most fit. Note that, the more experienced and well immersed professors will be of a higher pay, so pick the bootcamps that are close and worth your budget.
  1. Read Reviews and Feedbacks. The satisfaction is also essential in this matter since you should know if the course or bootcamp is worth enrolling in. Not all people might like it, but you should evaluate if this Bootcamp or course is for you.

The following bootcamps you can try:



CareerFoundry offers bootcamps for UI and UX Design. You can just choose one focus either UI or UX. Both programs provide opportunities to develop fundamental skills on designing. In this program as well, you can learn flexibly online without having to give up your current job in order to learn and at the same time build a portfolio which you can share to your future clients.

For UX Designer, in this program you are required to commit 600 hours to complete. If you wish to focus on UX Design, then you will be learning more about how you can create structural design solutions that would improve effective user experiences that in a way the users will achieve the satisfaction while using the site. This will have more theoretical than the UI Designer, since as a UX Designer, it’s your job to ensure that the design you’ll be implementing will get the hearts of your users.

You can enroll to this program with these payment terms:

  1. Monthly Plan ($ 550 x 10 Months + $ 1,400 upfront)
  2. One Payment ($ 6,555 upfront – save $ 345)

For UI Designer, in this program you are required to commit 360 hours to complete. If you wish to focus on UI Design, then you will be learning more on aesthetics and digital practice. In this program, surely, you’ll be dealing with tons of prototypes, will render the strengths and visual assets of the provided product using interactive and visual elements. Starts on Monday, February 1, 2021. Visit their website to know the next start dates …

You can enroll to this program with these payment terms:

  1. Monthly Plan ($ 600 x 9 Months + $ 1,500 upfront)
  2. One Payment ($6,555.00 upfront – save $ 345.00)

CareerFoundry also offers free consultations from their program advisors to access you and provide feedbacks that would guide you based on your interest and goals. Nonetheless, you can still learn UX Design if you will enroll in UI Design, since the only way you can create aesthetic design properly is to follow the structural designs solutions that would improve the user experience.

Starts on Monday, January 25,2021. Visit their website to know the next start dates …



Bloc is created for busy people. Just like CareerFounder, this program is flexible. In Bloc, you can create your portfolio providing 3 to 6 projects in the program. The program is subdivided to modules, so you can organize and manage your work and learning schedule.

Designer Track

You can enroll to this program with these payment terms:

  1. Lowest Cost: – $ 8,500 upfront
  2. Monthly Payment – $ 1,200 ($ 9,600 in total)
  3. 3 – 5-year loan through Skills Fund ($ 9,600 in total)



The last two bootcamp sites offer flexible programs that could build your portfolio while you are learning however for Springboard, it’s quite interesting since, while learning you will also be assigned to a real client project. But springboard is still flexible, you can also personalize your bootcamp. In their website, you ask for a syllabus so you’ll be guided on what courses or subjects you’ll take up

UI/UX Design Career Track

You can enroll to this program with these payment terms:

  1. Upfront Discount, $ 10, 000
  2. Monthly, $ 1,299/ month ($ 11,691 in total)
  3. (new) Deferred Tuition Plan, $ 794/ month ($ 15,000 in total)
  4. Climb Credit Loan, $ 68 – $ 137 */ month ($ 13,566 – $ 15,456 in total)

Starts on Monday, February 8, 2021. Deadline for applications: Tuesday, February 2,2021

Summary of The Bootcamps

UX or UI1:1 MentoringReal Client ProjectJob GuaranteePricing
CareerFoundrySeparate Programs UX / UIYesNoYesUI ($ 600 x 9 months + $ 1,500 upfront= $6,900 in total) UX ($500 x 10 + $ 1,500 upfront = $7,000)
One Payment ($6,555 upfront)
BlocUX + UIYesNoYes$ 8600 upfront, $ 1200 per month ($ 9,600 in total)
Loan 3 -4 years ($ 9,600 in total)
SpringboardUX + UI, UX onlyYesYesYes$ 6,900 (UX Career Track)
$ 10,000 (UI/UX Design Career Track)

The greatest deal at the moment, if I were to choose, is Springboard since it will deploy you to a real client project. In this way, you’ll learn and at the same time be evaluated by real clients. The client’s presences play a big part in our growth and career. This is why joining bootcamps doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be a good UI/UX Designer, it’s still depends on your output and performance in the industry. The results of the trainings and courses you’ve digested will be evaluated based on how you were able to render quality work. However, in learning UI/UX Design, the person upholds his/her future; if he/she is eager to learn and to improve then learning won’t be a problem as long as you put the right attitude and enthusiasm towards what you do then everything will follow.

WRITTEN BY Theressa Marie Tan | LinkedIn

PHOTO BY heylagostechie