The 10 most in-demand remote and WFH jobs in 2022

We’re now almost half-way through this year and, like around the same time during last year, we thought it would be interesting to go a bit deeper into the analytics part of running our job board – in the most privacy focused way for our users, of course. So here we have our new list with the 10 most in-demand remote job roles in June ’22 (globally):

1. Customer Success Manager
2. Product Manager
3. Product Designer
4. Engineering Manager
5. Software Engineer
6. DevOps Engineer
7. Product Marketing Manager
8. Data Engineer
9. Sales Development Representative
10. Account Executive

Demand comparison: 2022 to 2021

This year looks like customer succes, product design and engineering roles are on the rise and sales, marketing and data engineering jobs seem to be less in demand. Demand for senior and management roles in general remains mostly the same with the decline of marketing managers and the increase in demand for engineering managers at pretty much the same level respectively, with the only newcomer on the senior/executive level being account executive roles.

1Customer Success Manager (+1)Product Manager
2Product Manager (-1)Customer Success Manager
3Product Designer (+2)Product Marketing Manager
4Engineering Manager (+4)Data Engineer
5Software Engineer (+)Product Designer
6DevOps Engineer (+)Sales Development Representative
7Product Marketing Manager (-4)Technical Writer
8Data Engineer (-4)Engineering Manager
9Sales Development Representative (-3)Solutions Engineer
10Account Executive (+)Data Scientist
Remote job title raking and change comparison between 2022 and 2021

Our methodology

Our “methodology” here is still quite simple: we’re primarily counting the occurence of job titles over the last 12 months, cleaned and adjusted for certain specialties that some companies like to do, e.g. inventing their own stuff that’s not being used by anyone else or adding crazy super-specific details to a job title. We also left out many titles with indicators regarding seniority or other requirements as we already have dedicated attributes for these.

Data source and API endpoint

If you’re interested in the full list of job titles in the Information Security space check out the API endpoint that provides the raw JSON data:

This way you can even play around with it programmatically. Don’t forget to drop us a message when you find something interesting or write a piece about it and let us publish it here 😉