Jobs via RSS feed and JSON API

For those of you, who like to find out about new and interesting job openings within the Remote Working/WFH space in a more programmatic or automated way, we offer an RSS job feed as well as a JSON API. So no need to fiddle around or scraping job pages to get your hands on structured job data, it’s all there, simply grab one of the following links and you’re set.

RSS jobs feed

If you want to get all new job listings that appear on by the time they’re published in your favorite news/feed reader, this is the way to go.

For the RSS feed you can just look at the bottom of every page in the footer section and you’ll find the link to the feed right there (or simply grab the following:

Link to RSS jobs feed in the footer section

This RSS feed lists the most recent 100 jobs and contains all basic information including the job title, type, description, company name, apply link, and some more.

Jobs via JSON API

Another way to get all relevant job data is using the JSON API. This comes in handy especially if you want to build your own scripts around it and want to make use of the data already being formatted in JSON, e.g. aggregating jobs data from many different sources and then processing them in some way or another. It also offers a little more data than the RSS feed, like more company or salary data.

The URL for the JSON API is

It lists the most recent 200 jobs and is updated about every 2 hours.

Publishing aggregated job data

You may use our feeds and APIs to re-publish data on a website of yours, even another job board or job aggregator. The only requirement is that you link back to our site, ideally by leaving the apply link intact.