7 Tips on How to Get Rid of Interview Anxiety

A lot of things have shifted and changed on our current situation. Job interviews also began shifting from a nerve wreaking face to face one to video conferences or online interviews.

Experiencing both, which is better for you? Did your anxiety also shift? Did it go away or did the online scheme made it worse? If yes, then here are so tips that may help you:

1. Be Prepared

Being prepared is very essential when it comes to interviews. After we are notified that we are going to have an interview, surely, the first thing that comes into our minds, is to prepare ourselves for the interview. Make sure that you know what you are applying for. Read insights about the company you’ve applied for, the background and the work environment or specs.

2. Plan

Another subset of being prepared, is to plan. To somehow foresee what will happen in the interview. Look into the possible questions that the employers might ask you. This mentality and the kind of preparedness will help you train your mind to be equipped during the interview proper. I am not saying you need to memorize the answer but at least if ever you come across a question you’ve read and answered before, it’d be easier to answer it. I would also suggest since we are online now, to reduce mental block, you can list down bullet points notes that you can go back to just to provide a list of your experiences, descriptions or anything that you might want to use during the interview.

3. Practice Conversing

The only way to get rid of stutters is to practice speaking and to engage into conversations. The more you engage, the more you’d get used to the talking. I know interviews are different from the normal conversations since pressure is added but it’s okay if you stutter and if you can’t really remove it now, it’s normal, it depends on how you transition the sentences in order for it not to look awkward.It won’t be an easy start to practice this but I believe that anything you repetitively, you can master it, and if you already mastered it, it’d be easier for you to catch up.

4. Smile and be happy

Your mood and the way you present yourself to your employer will provide an impact and a first impression. The more your mood changes and you’d get comfortable with the employer then it’d be easier to converse. That’s why it always in the job hiring, person with a pleasing personality. Personality will always come first since skills can be learned.

5. Know Your Focus

Be coherent on your goal or onto the things that you really want. When you are asked to discuss about something make sure you are still inside the scope and the bounds of the topic and your goal. The more you are decisive and your thoughts are fixed, it’s easier for you to formulate answers to the questions of your employers without confusing them since you have one specific goal or bound to refer your answers from.

6. Breathe

Before the meeting starts, take a deep breath and if you can, shout the uneasiness to calm yourself. If ever in the middle of your interview, you lose yourself, try to breathe and smile while thinking of what you want to say. Worst case, if you forgot what you say and you did no longer now what to say. Try to inhale and think of the reason why you applied for that job. And why you wanted to get that position.

7. Sincerity

No person can beat if you have a sincere heart. It all boils down to the attitude and the enthusiasm of the job seeker. The employer’s heart will also win over the sincerity, attitude and skill of the job seeker. Some companies might be thinking the other way around but no one beats a sincere and true employee.

Go for it

I know not all of these steps can be followed thoroughly since we all deal with our anxieties differently. These advices will still depend on how you interpret and enact them. It’s okay to make mistakes, to blurt out a wrong answer when you are confused.

At the end of the day, as long as you know that you did your best and you answered all the question with all your heart then trust yourself. There might be some of employers that might not see your potential or your potential might not be appropriate or in line with their values or mission, but this is not yet the end of the link, there are far more better opportunities in line waiting for you.

All the best on your interviews! Ciao.

WRITTEN BY Theressa Marie Tan | LinkedIn

PHOTO BY Christina @ wocintechchat.com