12 Slack communities about Product Management, Design & UX to join in 2021

Being in this industry, we are forced to communicate so we can execute better. Engaging oneself in online discussions or forums is a way for us to exercise our communication skills such that it might foster real connections. We can then utilize these connections to provide better a experience and improve the relationships with our clients, customers and colleagues. Furthermore imparting our voice regardless of how huge or small the impact might be, it could advocate or inspire other people in one way or another and help the community grow and improve as a whole.

Here are a few reasons why joining a few online communities, regardless wether you’re a new cat or an old dog in your field, could benefit you:

  1. Collaboration – They allow members to collaborate and to discuss with their fellow designers or mangers about areas in which they want to either clarify or to gather some insights that would help them expand their knowledge. A collaboration channel is available for members to post questions, answer questions or read insights that might be beneficial to them, i.e. articles or websites that can be used for learning or training, new concepts or approaches that are effective and efficient to use.
  1. Camaraderie – Sometimes working alone bothers and disrupts our mental health, so another good thing about these communities is that they can promote conversation with other members and foster new relationships with comrades or future co-workers whom we can relate to, not just solely regarding work topics but also our frustrations and other sentiments about our profession, clients, trends, etc.
  1. Feedback – These communities also provide a channel for learning members to get insights and feedbacks about their designs, strategies and ideas. The insights or critique they get from the other members can help them improve and enhance their work, projects or even startups.
  1. Career opportunities – They can provide access to job opportunities most especially to those who are actively seeking for jobs in Product, Design or UX roles. They usually have a specific channel made for members to post vacancies that other members then can apply for directly.

Here are 12 free and open Slack communities you join right now

Site NameLinkDescription
Product Schoolhttps://product-school.slack.com/Product School is a community for those professionals who are seeking to learn online with certifications. They provide the following courses: Product Management, Data Analytics, Coding, Digital Marketing, UX Design and Product Leadership. These professionals are also encourage to engage themselves to projects, case studies, panel discussions, and product management interviews to assess their knowledge.
Mind the Producthttps://mindtheproduct.slack.com/ (https://www.mindtheproduct.com/product-management-slack-community/)Mind the Product reaches out to project managers and provides a medium for them to engage with other PMS and discuss about project management, job search, and other topics to expand their knowledge about project management.
Friends of Figmahttps://friendsoffigma.slack.com/Friends of Figma invites designers who would want to know more about Figma, design, remote work or other stuff that would help them improve their work.
Product Led Growthhttps://productledgrowth.slack.com/ (https://www.productledhub.com/slack-community/)Product Led Growth are community of professionals that are in the SaaS field. If you like to learn more on effective online SaaS business methodology then this community is worth to join with.
The Designer Shiphttps://thedesignership.slack.com/The Designership is a trusted and active community of creatives who collaborate and inspire each other by sharing design inspirations, and tools to improve work flow and that’s how members grow together.
Create Remotehttps://createremote.slack.com/CreateRemote is a community of design and development creators. It aims to encourage learning, giving back and achieving milestones for growth.
Design Ops Melbournehttps://designopsmelbourne.slack.com/ (https://www.designops.lol/)Design Ops provides Australian designers or aspiring ones a medium to connect with each other; sharing experiences, learning from others and leveling up your craft.
Creative Huddlehttps://creative-huddle.slack.com/ (https://creative-huddle.com/)‍Creative Huddle provides informal workshops that designers aspiring or already established to freely express themselves and find encouraging interaction with other members. It enables participants to grow by exploring and learning new concepts.
API Who Designhttps://apiwhodesign.slack.com/ (https://www.apiwho.design/)API (Asian & Pacific Islanders) Who Design highlights the talent within the API population. It aims to extend help and inspiration to fresh talents to discover their own skills. Aside from that, being in the community will also allow you to connect with fellow members to share your experiences and ask help as well.
Practical UXhttps://practical-ux.slack.com/ (https://www.practical-ux.com/)Practical UX is a community that provides talks and events from experienced designers to share their insights and learnings that other designers could apply in their day to day.
Design Social Clubhttps://designsocialclub.slack.com/ (https://designsocialclub.slack.com/join/shared_invite/zt-m2dgk8a9-1z7eI7ERgZcOW_5rHBj5FQ#/shared-invite/email)Design social club is a community that allows designers to bloom in their natural habitat. Just like other design channels it provides a medium for those who expand their knowledge and grow with the other members through collaboration and insight gathering.
Product Budshttps://productbuds.slack.com/ (https://productbuds.co/)Product Buds aspires to help project managers to advance their project management knowledge and skills through discussions, collaborative projects, interactive workshops and speaking engagements with experienced leaders.

Check these if you want more

If the above didn’t hook your preferences or you want to explore some additional (mostly smaller/non-free) communities you can check them out with Slofile (https://slofile.com/) and for more design-oriented communities you can also search for them on designerslack.community.

WRITTEN BY Theressa Marie Tan | LinkedIn